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Youth Classes

Class sizes are kept small to ensure that students receive plenty of individual attention for their art lessons. Youth classes are generally recommended for ages 7-11, some exceptions can be made for slightly younger or older students. We suggest that mature teens with an interest in learning the visual arts attend our adult and teen evening classes.


All classes consist of a 6 week semester, 1 missed class may be made up the week following week 6. Students who have not missed any classes in a semester, but would like to attend the make up session may do so at a prorated cost. We understand that family schedules can be demanding, so we do our best to accommodate students by keeping our areas of study, schedule and make up options flexible. All supplies included in tuition (except for Custom Toy Design). For more information, contact Kristy at 862-307-5919 or email

follow the links below for class descriptions and to pay now or

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SPRING I - 2/27-4/3

SPRING II - 4/17-5/22

SPRING III - 6/5-6/19



SPRING I - 2/28-4/4

SPRING II - 4/18-5/23

SPRING III - 6/6-6/20

SUMMER - 7/11-8/15



SPRING I - 3/1-4/5

SPRING II - 4/19-5/24

SPRING III - 6/7-6/21



SPRING I - 3/2-4/6

SPRING II - 4/20-5/25

SPRING III - 6/8-6/22


10-11:30am or 12:00-1:30pm

SPRING I - 2/25-4/1

SPRING II - 4/15-5/20

SPRING III - 6/3-6/17

SUMMER - 7/8-8/12

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